It’s Official!


After months of research, questions, and applications, I finally received the letter I had been waiting for…I’m finishing my degree in Stockholm! Arriving shortly before exams, it’s fair to say I had to exercise a lot of self-restraint to prevent myself from researching everything “Sweden”; but it did provide for copious study-break ‘inspo’.

Daily Duolingo lessons in svenska have me chomping at the bit to dive into Swedish life – even the Swedish winter, which brings the best chance of catching the Northern Lights. I’ve likewise been eyeing up the remarkable Norwegian fjords, and cannot wait to reunite with my beautiful Italian friend, Martina, while I’m up in that part of the world. Once my replacement residence permit arrives (the first was eaten by snails – oops), all the official boxes will be ticked. Time to write a list of all the little things to organise – including getting stocked up on my beloved Marmite/Vegemite, because despite being eager to walk head-first into a serious culture shock, I’m not sure I could survive six months without a Kiwi survival kit.

So… hej då för nu! Stay tuned for all the “Stockholm silliness” – I’m sure there are many adventures to come.

Lucy x




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